Sunday, November 16, 2014

140 Characters

In addition to electronic commerce, we can apply Frances Cairncross' "Deluge of Information" theory to the world of social media. It is true that companies are needing new techniques to boost their brand, and we are seeing this carry out through social media. Our attention spans are becoming so small, and social media provides quick bits of information that grab our attention immediately. We must adapt, the evolving technological world calls for new ways to grab our attention, and effective social media that is less text based and more picture/video based is the way to do it. A tweet for example is only 140 characters long, in the instant you have to catch the viewers attention and get your point across most importantly. With the usage of photos, videos and/or links, the viewer is then able to "sift, process and edit", or rather digest, the information individually.
The following tweets show how a company can increase their branding and connect to their audience through social media. Free People clothing brand not only interacts with their consumer, "Which color is your favorite", but also includes an image and link that will take their audience to their home page. Sears also catches the attention of their consumers and boosts their branding through a few characters and link to a twitter post: "Looks like new. Price tag looks less.". The key words "new" and "less price" is really going to encourage people to click on the link and shop around Sears. After reading this tweet, I did not even notice it was advertising their Craftsman tools. But that's the beauty of social media, the smallest text or image can create the biggest payoffs. Less is definitely more. 

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