Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pushing the Brand

The number of nights I have spent cramming for an exam, wishing my brain had the physical capacity to hold more information is immeasurable. The truth is, the sizes of our brains aren’t going to change and with that, our ability to absorb more information than what is physically possible is not going to alter. Taking this same idea and applying it to the world of Electronic Commerce, we see a business' drive to push their company and/or brand in new ways because we aren't getting any "smarter". According to Frances Cairncross' Trendspotter's Guide, because we are unable to absorb new information, we need filters to sift, process and edit it all.

Online Shopping
With the rise of an E-commerce business, the competition that runs between companies is extensive. Although their are many different relationships surrounding the E-commerce business model, I wanted to focus on the sale from a business to their consumer. Looking at the vast world of shopping, companies whom opt for online print catalogs, online shopping or even a business whose purchases can exclusively be made online are examples of a business who is taking steps to furthering their brand. With an online presence, a company is able to offer their customers a level of convenience that goes beyond the typical 9am-5pm hours a normal store is allotted. Not to mention, this also benefits the business because they are able to make transactions at anytime and anywhere in the world.  In addition to a 24-hour business, an online shopping experience will offer the same content but without the high operating costs it takes the run the business itself. An E-commerce business does not have to worry about the expense of employee labor and utilities, a website is far less expensive. A physical store location, though has its own benefits, is limited in size. A store in a mall or strip center can only hold so much merchandise at a time. However, with a website, there are no limitations on how much merchandise you can offer to your consumers. This not only helps the business economically, but also betters their consumer loyalties.

These new techniques give customers a different shopping experience and urge them to think about their purchases in a new way. The steps a business takes to push their brand further, such as an online presence, develops an extended customer base that while deepens the costumer/business relationship, also sets aside an individual shopping episode, unique to each consumer.


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