Sunday, November 30, 2014

All Play, No Work

Dream Big
Another one of Francis Cairncross' developments he predicts in his Trendspotter's Guide is the "inversion of home and office". He predicts a blur between the lines of home life and work life, exploiting the office as a place for the "social aspects" of work. Although this is not true for every workspace, when we look at E-commerce this idea of joining home and work life is common in today’s society. E-commerce is essentially explained in the name, electronic commerce. With a business that is designed to work electronically, with the mobility of technology in today's age it is not uncommon to see a business work from a home. I have a family friend who has built her own company, Fabadashery, with the help and convenience of E-commerce.
Her foam designs can be viewed and purchased online and promote her local brand to the Southeast region. This company amongst many others has gotten online exposure to an audience that would not be available without electronic commerce.
I think one of the biggest sites where home life and work life coincide is on . This site allows people to create their own online shops and sell their self-made products to a broad online audience. The E-commerce transactions that happen on such a site are immense and so valuable because you are linking your own, less known, brand with a trusted online marketplace, Etsy. Facilitating business for passionate creators while prioritizing customer satisfaction and secure transactions, Etsy is an E-commerce model that benefits all parties involved. In today's economy, having the luxury of opening up ones own shop is not very likely. Etsy, however, is an online alternative that makes the "self-made dream" more realistic, blurring the lines of home and work life.

Another aspect to Cairncross’ prediction is that work life will become more of a place to socialize. I agree to disagree with his statement because even though there are companies that have a more relaxed environment, it is not always all play and no work. Applying this to E-commerce, a company working with electronic commerce most likely has a physical office that they work out of and fulfill their daily operations. Though the office may be a place to socialize, the business would not hire employees that simply showed up to do no work. However, technology has made life easier for us and the ability to work out of home has become so much easier, and popular, there is still a demand for a physical office and formality in the work least I hope. 


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